MAC’s Advisory Letter to Club Management

It has been the MAC’s practice over the past several years, while the meaning of “advisory” is being clarified by Bermuda government, to send Club Management its occasional advice on matters we consider important.  We did so on July 27th.

It has also been our practice that we provide an opportunity for club management to input its response to those pieces of advice so we can print them together.  The established period for the response is two weeks. That time has elapsed, and via email, the Club has now indicated that it is unwilling or unable to provide a time frame in which we can expect a reply.

The latest MAC advisory letter can be read at Advisory_Letter_July_2014.

We suggest all the members read it, particularly those planning to use their interval in the upcoming August and September weeks.

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Minutes of Telephonic MAC Meeting of July 22, 2014

The MAC met telephonically on July 22th to discuss a pressing matter.  The minutes of that meeting are available for members to read at Minutes_7-22-14_meeting_final_revision

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Call For Nominations – 2014 MAC Election




 From: Steve Wexler, Member’s Advisory Council, Elections

              Michael Dennis, Member’s Advisory Council, Elections

To:       All St. George’s Club Owners

 MAC Web Site:  Remember, the MAC’s website can be accessed at On the Home page, select Subscribe to E-Newsletter to provide your email address for future communications from MAC.  We frequently use the website to communicate with our members.

 What is the Members’ Advisory Council?  The MAC must exist by Bermuda law (Timeshare Act).  Its purpose is to “advise” club management on member issues, pro and con.  It acts as an intermediary between club management and the members, but does not have any club operations responsibility or decision making capability, financial or otherwise.  The MAC members are volunteers and receive no compensation.  They are reimbursed for any travel expenses for MAC meetings by Club Operations, which reimbursement is funded by your maintenance fees.  By MAC’s internal ByLaws, one meeting per year must be held on the island.  The same ByLaws require that we “meet” three other times per year, and where possible we have started to elect to meet sometimes with conference call meetings to keep costs down, unless agenda items are better pursued face-to face.

 Annual General Meeting of the Members of the Club:  The MAC 2014 Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday, October 17th in Philadelphia – at the Philadelphia Airport Hilton hotel.  All members are invited to attend.  This communication will document the nomination and election process for MAC positions that will become effective beginning October 17th, 2014 at the conclusion of the 2014 AGM.

Currently, the MAC members, their ownership and their current terms, are listed below:

Roy Van Brunt, Chairman (weeks 21, 22, 22)…..    term ends at the October AGM 2014

Philip Wood, Treasurer (weeks 31, 32)……………..   term ends at the October AGM 2015

Dr. Elaine Gordon (weeks 12, 13, 14, 15, 16)..…..   term ends at the October AGM 2015

Ryan Brown, Vice-Chairman (weeks 30, 31)…………term ends at the October AGM 2016

Mary Brennan (weeks 15, 16, 48, 49)……………. appointed June 2014 to complete term that                    .                                                                                   ends at the October AGM 2016

Michael Dennis, Secretary (week 35)……………..….    term ends at the October AGM 2015

Steve Wexler, (weeks 31, 32)……………………..….…… term ends at the October AGM 2014

Call for Nominations:  Two (2) positions are available for 3-year terms, starting October 2014 at the conclusion of the 2014 AGM, and ending in October 2017 at the conclusion of the 2017 AGM.

The nomination and election process will proceed on the following schedule:

  • Nominations will be open immediately, and continue through August  1
  • Nominations and ballots will be distributed to membership by September 1, 2014
  • Voting (all electronic) to take place between September 1 and September 30, 2014

If you have an interest in serving on the MAC, you should fit the following guidelines:

1)      You are an ACTIVE user of the weeks that you currently own at SGC.

2)      You have personal experience in areas of interest of MAC activity.

3)      You have a willingness to work toward creating a positive cooperation between MAC and club management for providing the members/owners with the very best resort destination experience.

4)      You have, and actively use, an e-mail account.  Communication via email needs to be a natural part of your daily activity, since much of the MAC internal communication is via email.

Please feel free to contact any member of the current MAC for information regarding any of the above.  Current MAC member contact information is posted on:, select Category Current MAC Members – 2014.

 If you are interested in serving on the MAC for one of the two 3-year terms starting at the conclusion of the October 2014 AGM and ending at the conclusion of the October 2017 AGM, please provide the following information:

 1)      Your full name, week(s) of ownership, cottage #(s), and # of years you have been an owner at SGC

2)      Rather than a CV or personal bio, please provide a 300 word (MAX) paragraph about yourself which should include,

…Why do you want to serve?

…What skills do you bring?

…If you were elected to the MAC, what issue(s) would be at the top of your agenda?

…What attracted you to the St. Georges Club itself?


Email (preferred) to:

or via regular mail to:

Stephen Wexler

230 Locust Fence Road

St. Helena Island, SC   29920

(must be received  by August 1, 2014)


or via regular mail to:

Michael Dennis

103 Devine Road

San Antonio, TX  78212

(must be received  by August 1, 2014)

Voting and Future Communications:  Those members with current email addresses in the Club database and those with emails in the MAC web site will receive nomination information via email.  Others will be mailed a paper description of the candidates.  However, all ballots will be cast electronically.  We encourage those whose email addresses are not in the Club database to contact the Club and update your current address information.  Please note that all communication during the year will be done via email only.

Thank you for your continued support of The St. George’s Club and the MAC.

Steve Wexler and Michael Dennis

Call_for_MAC Nominations_062214 FINAL

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MAC’s Continued Work to Get Answers for the Membership

It is now June, and we on the MAC have yet to get a response from anyone in Bermuda – club management, or government – as to the status, if any, of the promised review of the Timesharing Act that was supposed to be completed by the Office of the Attorney General by May, and uncovering the ways that it needs to be revised or amended to correct problems with it.

From keeping track of articles in the Royal Gazette, we’re aware of some recent campaign contribution political difficulties that have befallen the newly elected OBA government and the Premier (who was forced to resign), Attorney General Pettingill (who has left government to pursue other interests and employment) and Minister Crockwell (who has resisted calls for his resignation.)  After giving the new Premier, Michael Dunkley, a week or so to find his way into all the the problems facing his office, we wrote him to bring him into the picture of the ongoing financial and operational problems at the Club as well as the government’s non-responsiveness to our attempts to find out the status of the review.  That email can be read in its entirety at Dunkley Letter 05232014.

After waiting more than a week without getting either an acknowledgement of receipt or a reply, we wrote once again to Minister Crockwell, seeking information about the AG Office review he had promised, but also opening up a broader discussion more broadly discussing MAC’s views of the specific problems and weaknesses in the very scheme of Bermuda timesharing itself right now – and our view where some of its weaknesses are that need to be addressed.  That email can also be read in its entirety at Thoughts About Bermuda Timeshare, and of course, we have yet had no acknowledgement or response from the Minister.

We are aware that at least three members have reached out to the US Embassy Consul General, two of whom actually took time during their vacations and arranged a meeting and physically met with the Consul General at the Embassy, seeking help in getting the Bermuda government to be responsive to its responsibilities under the Timesharing Act which seem, at least in their opinion, recently to have been pretty much ignored.  The Consul General assures that he is in touch with the Bermuda government to discuss this.

For those of you who may have missed it, there was recently a news announcement of the selection of a Developer with whom to negotiate to develop a resort hotel of 283 rooms and a casino and golf course on or around the grounds of the former Club Med.  We have heard that before of course, and this announcement states only the selection of the entity that has been given the exclusive negotiation rights for a 90 day period.  Interestingly, as unquestionably good as that development might be for the town of St Georges, there seems to have been little consideration or discussion of what impact it might likely have on either Sales or Operations of the St Georges Club, particularly as it tries to sell its unsold inventory to prospective purchasers with a competitor like that next door.

We, like you, have not heard from the Club since early Spring, save for the announcement of new hirings in the Sales staff (that include Sally’s son, James).  The hope is that this will soon change, and there are reasons to suggest that there will be some developments before summer arrives.

The solicitation of members interested in self-nominating themselves or nominating other members to run for election to the MAC with terms starting at the AGM in October will soon be out.

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May 2014 MAC Update Report

The five page update on what MAC has been doing since February is available at FINAL to members May 2014

Feel free to pose questions or comments to any MAC member


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Minutes of the MAC Telephonic Meeting of February 12, 2014

The minutes of this meeting are readable at 2-12-14_Meeting_Minutes_DRAFT_final

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Meeting Summaries of the February 2014 On-Island Meeting

The following PDF files contain the summaries of the Meetings:

1- On February 6th, with Mark Smith, the Club’s audit partner with Deloitte, - 2-6-14_Deloitte_mtg_draft

2- Later that day, with Bermuda Government – specifically the Minister of Tourism, Shawn Crockwell, and the Director of the Department of Tourism, Billy Griffith - Government_mtg_2-6-14_(final), and

3- On Friday the 7th, with the Club Management Team - Management_mtg_2-7-14_final

If after reading these summaries, you have questions, please direct them to one of the MAC members.




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Status Update on the Accumulated Final Assessment

We have now written to the Minister of Tourism Development and Transportation.   But we think that our discussion with him will be more productive if MAC does not circulate the precise wording of what we told him before he gets the chance to react.
After our own analysis, and after listening to the 3 dozen or so members who have written to us since The Club’s announcement of the new assessment, the MAC is trying to construct at least one alternative proposal to the managing agent’s new “Accumulated Final Assessment” – proposal(s) that we believe will be more equitable to the membership as a whole – and, importantly, more likely to be collectible!
These are proposal(s) that we want to discuss with BDOT and the Minister, and with John and Sally as well, should they become interested in hearing our advice between now and the February meeting.
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Minutes of MAC Teleconference – Jan 5, 2014

The Minutes of the MAC Teleconference meeting of January 5, 2014 are

available at 1-5-14_Meeting_Minutes

MAC is pursuing its analysis of the Accumulated Final Assessment, and will post additional material as appropriate.

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The Minutes of the Newark Meetings

The Minutes of the MAC Meeting that took place prior to the AGM are here: 2013 Minutes of MAC meeting Oct 25


The Minutes of the AGM itself are here : 2013 AGM Minute Package final draft.  This file also contains the full set of handouts from the AGM meeting

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