Call for MAC Self-Nominations

Five (5) positions are available for election to the Members’ Advisory Council of the St. Georges Club (MAC).  Two (2) positions are for 1-year terms to replace resigning members; and three (3) are for 3 years.  Terms will start at the conclusion of the 2015 AGM, now scheduled to be held on-island (for the first time) at the Club on November 8, 2015.


The nominations and election will proceed on the following schedule:

  • Self-nominations are open immediately.
  • Nominee statements and ballot information will be distributed to the membership by September 1, 2015.
  • Voting via the internet will take place between September 1 and September 30, 2015.


Members in good standing who have an interest in serving on the MAC should consider the following guidelines for candidates:

  1. They are an active user of their week(s) currently owned at the Club.
  2. They have personal experience in areas of interest to the MAC.
  3. They are willing to work toward creating positive cooperation between the MAC and Club management.
  4. They have and actively use an email account.  (Communication via email needs to be a natural part of their daily activity, because much of the MAC participation is by email.)
  5. IT experience would be helpful.

MAC members serve without compensation, but travel and other expenses are reimbursed by the Club, which is also obligated to indemnify certain MAC members’ legal liabilities, if any.  The MAC is not a board of directors.  It rather “advises” Club management and communicates with the Bermuda government, acting as a “voice” of the Club members.

Those interested in serving on the MAC for one of the terms should provide the following:

  • Your full name, home city, week(s) owned, cottage #(s) and # of years of ownership
  • Rather than a CV or bio, a 300-word maximum paragraph including:
    1. why you want to serve
    2. what relevant skills you bring
    3. what issue(s) would be your top priority
    4. what attracted you to the Club originally

Self-nominations must be received by August 15, 2015, via email (preferred) to the MAC Chairman at or, by regular mail, to:  Michael Dennis, 103 Devine Road, San Antonio, TX 78212.

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Removal of Old Postings

The Members’ Advisory Council regret to advise the members of the St. George’s Club that certain posts placed on the MAC website, that have since been taken down, may have included misleading and inaccurate information concerning the St. George’s Club (TSGC) and its Management. These posts have been removed. We are working closely with the Management of TSGC to gain a positive working relationship and we are confident that we can achieve this in the very near future.

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February 2015 MAC Meeting Update

The six current MAC members met at the Club in Bermuda February 5th and 6th, 2015 for our first quarter on-island meeting. Despite the rain and chilly weather, we had several productive meetings amongst the MAC members and with the Club management. The MAC had planned to meet with the Ministry of Tourism to discuss its legislative review, and to meet with the Club’s auditors to discuss the audited 2013 financials, but both of those meetings were unfortunately cancelled by the Ministry and auditor respectively in the week prior to our arrival. We also reached out to several local politicians representing St. George’s, but were unable to arrange any formal meetings with them.

Our meeting with Management was attended by John Kyle, Sally Kyle, Piero Casalicchio, Perry Robinson, and Latecia Denbrook.

Piero gave an overview of restaurant operations and new plans for 2015, including having a rotating menu with regular specials to offer more variety to guests and keeping the Griffins minimum at $60.00 per adult per week at this time. The Beach House is planned to be open for the summer season on the same schedule as last year. Piero plans to open Griffin’s six days per week, but Club members will need to support the restaurant by eating there regularly in order for this change to become permanent. The MAC members enjoyed several delicious dinners at Griffin’s and lunches in Somer’s Lounge, courtesy of Piero and his team.

Perry Robinson provided a rundown of several maintenance projects, including several water pump issues that have arisen due to the old age of the pipes and valves in the Club’s water supply system. Sally Kyle, John Kyle and Perry Robinson also discussed the refurbishment progress, as has been reported in their newsletter to the Club members. The MAC raised several financial questions, including loans between Club operations and the restaurant entity, HMS, and John Kyle indicated that a draft of the 2014 full year profit and loss statement would be available soon, with the audit to follow this spring.

The MAC members also inquired about the effect of replacing Seasons Ltd. with the St. G. Club Ltd. as the Managing Agent. Sally and John Kyle explained that the same management team was in place, and that the change to St. G. Club Ltd. was done to consolidate all of the licenses into one entity, as had been the case prior to the RCIM Management period in the 1990s. At this point the change is cost neutral and the same roles have been maintained, both inside the Club (e.g. Latecia Denbrook handling regular bookkeeping) and outside the Club (e.g. Graeme Jack from Gateway Systems Ltd. preparing final financials and coordinating with auditors).

Finally, MAC Member Darrell Boutilier resigned shortly before the February meeting due to personal reasons. The remaining six MAC members approved the appointment of Faus Johnson from Nova Scotia, who had also run in the last MAC election, to serve the remainder of Darrell’s term. Faus had a 30 year career in the transportation service sector serving in senior management positions in various cities and provinces across Canada, and has served on many boards of directors. Please join us in welcoming Faus to the MAC.

The MAC will report further as soon as the meeting minutes are finalized, and again after the 2014 full year profit and loss has been posted by the Club management.

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October 2014 MAC Meeting and AGM Minutes

The MAC held its 4th Quarter 2014 meeting on October 17th and 18th, 2014, and the Annual General Meeting of the members of the St. George’s Club on the afternoon of October 18th.  The final draft of minutes for each of these meetings are attached, subject to final approval at the next meetings.

2014 Q4 MAC Meeting Minutes

2014 AGM Meeting Minutes

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Tentative Agendas for MAC Meeting and the AGM

Tentative MAC 2014 AGM Agenda – DRAFT

Tentative Agenda MAC Meeting Oct 17, 2014

Above are links to PDF files of the Agendas for next weekend’s meetings in Philadelphia


The AGM Agenda itself is :

St. Georges Club, Bermuda

MAC 2014 AGM Agenda (DRAFT)

October 18, 2014 – Philadelphia Airport Hilton – 1:30PM



Call to Order & Welcome                                                                 Chairman – Roy Van Brunt

Approval of the Minutes of the previous AGM                            Secretary – Michael Dennis

Introduction of members of 2014 MAC                                        Chairman – Roy Van Brunt

Comments of the Chairman

Summarizing 2014 MAC Activity                                        Roy Van Brunt

Summarizing Financial Information                                   Roy (&/or Phil)

Summarizing Status of the Government’s

Legislative Review of the Timesharing Act

Reports from MAC members

Treasurer – Summary of MAC 2014 Expenses and

Approval of MAC 2015 Budget                               Treasurer – Phil Wood

Exchange System                                                     Ryan Brown

Report of the Results of the 2014 Election                     Steve Wexler


Questions and Answer Session for Member Participation

Introduction of MAC Chair elected for 2015

Comments from the new Chair

Adjourn                                                                                       4:30 PM


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Results of the 2014 MAC Election

The MAC is happy to announce that Darrell Boutillier and Mike Laing have emerged as the favorites of voters and have been elected to three year terms on the MAC that will begin at the conclusion of the AGM in Philadelphia on October 18th, 2014.

The AGM is currently scheduled to take place between 1:30 and 5 PM on October 18th, at the Airport Hilton Hotel in Philadelphia,  and will consist of an informative presentation, followed by an open-mike Q&A session, at which members can respond to questions from attendees.  More meeting details will follow in the weeks ahead as we finalize plans for the day.

Darrell is from Nova Scotia, Canada, and is retired from the RBC Financial Group and was responsible for coordinating RBC’s capabilities for Government, Public, and Large Private Company clients.  He currently owns rights to use for six different weeks, 3 in Spring, and 3 more in the Autumn.

Mike also comes from Canada, and works in Markham, Ontario as a partner in the 4th largest CPA/CA firm in Canada, and he specializes in management advisory services as they relate to owner managed business, professionals, taxation, business valuation and financial planning.  Mark owns right to use for two weeks, 39 and 40.

Both of these individuals have experience and skill sets that can be put to good use in the next three years

MAC has expended a non-compulsory invitation for them to attend the MAC meeting that precedes the AGM on Friday the 17th.

We hope to see as many of the Philadelphia and nearby area members as can make it to the AGM on October 18th.

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MAC’s Analysis of the Club’s Audited Accounts for the 2013 Fiscal Year

As it usually does, the MAC’s members have carefully made their way through the results of the audit of the prior fiscal year after the report of the auditors, Deloitte, and the financial statements themselves were posted on the Club’s website.

The analysis that summarizes that review process is available in PDF format that can be printed and read offline at Analysis of the 2013 Audited Accounts

We’re aware (or have been told!) that many members want to spend as little time as possible in reading financial statements, so we hope that this Analysis will provide you with what we think are the important things to know about the Club’s financial situation.

If you have any questions after reading the Analysis, feel free to contact a MAC member for clarification.

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Minutes of Telephonic Meeting of August 24, 2014

The MAC met telephonically on August 24th, and the Draft minutes of the meeting are shown below, and a PDF copy is avilable at  8-24-14 phone meeting Draft minutes final  :

St. George’s Club MAC
August 24, 2014 Telephonic Meeting

Roy Van Brunt, Chairman
Phil B. Wood, Treasurer
Michael Dennis, Secretary
Ryan Brown
Steve Wexler
Mary Brennan
Mike Newburger

1. The Chairman started the meeting at 3:06 pm EDT.

2. The meeting was held to discuss the letter of August 20th from counsel, responding to MAC’s letter of July 25th. After an executive session to consider the potential and threatened litigation discussed in previous MAC minutes of July 22nd, it was moved, seconded and unanimously agreed for the Chairman to engage Bermudian legal counsel (Jai Pachai of Wakefield Quin) to advise and represent the MAC in the matter, and instruct him to notify the Kyles’ attorney that we have retained him, and that any and all future correspondence should be directed to him at Wakefield Quin.
3. The meeting adjourned at 3:58 pm EDT.

Dated August 24, 2014
Michael Dennis, Secretary


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MAC’s Advisory Letter to Club Management

It has been the MAC’s practice over the past several years, while the meaning of “advisory” is being clarified by Bermuda government, to send Club Management its occasional advice on matters we consider important.  We did so on July 27th.

It has also been our practice that we provide an opportunity for club management to input its response to those pieces of advice so we can print them together.  The established period for the response is two weeks. That time has elapsed, and via email, the Club has now indicated that it is unwilling or unable to provide a time frame in which we can expect a reply.

The latest MAC advisory letter can be read at Advisory_Letter_July_2014.

We suggest all the members read it, particularly those planning to use their interval in the upcoming August and September weeks.

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Minutes of Telephonic MAC Meeting of July 22, 2014

The MAC met telephonically on July 22th to discuss a pressing matter.  The minutes of that meeting are available for members to read at Minutes_7-22-14_meeting_final_revision

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